10 Most Beautiful And Sunny Places On The whole island

A fascinating history of the Dominican Republic, diverse landscapes and the bright local culture will fill your program of rest to the eyeballs. The beaches are the concentration of the ease of island life, parties as well as rich holiday activities and passivities. The sand coast stretched for 1,600 km, which will satisfy the needs of any beach-lover.


Nothing can materialise the mantra “As far as possible from the hollow vanities” better than this virgin piece of sand. Playa Rincon is the place where you will find your true Zen as there is no or rather almost no resort infrastructure here. There are just basic amenities such as sunbeds and a couple of sellers selling fresh seafood and cold drinks. A moderately wild beach is about four hours’ drive from Puerto Plata and almost twice as long from Punta Cana, but it’s worth a visit.


If the crystal clear water and the whiter-than-white sand are what you are looking for, you will definitely love Boca Chica Beach. This is a favourite vacation spot for locals; hence it’s an ideal location for exploring the aborigines. The water here is very calm as they are protected by coral reefs, so it will be an excellent choice if you travel with children. Active rest lovers will find what to do: diving, banana boats, scooters and other water activities. As soon as you feel like leaving your chaise-longue and putting aside an interesting book, you will find a lot of amazing things to do.


Sosua is a haven for divers and snorkelers who come here to explore the stunning coral reef just 100 meters off the shore. The beach is also close to Cabarete, which is considered to be the kite surfing capital of the world. You can spend the morning doing shopping in Sosua before surrendering to the warm embraces of the water. After returning to dry land, enjoy powder-soft sand on the beach, where slim mulatta girls will serve you with pina colada and very cold beer. If your wish list does not include swimming, you may spend time yacht boating and taking glass-bottom boat tours.


Approximately halfway between Punta Cana and Santo Domingo, just off the coast, you will find Catalina, a small secluded island with just palm trees, snow-white sand and sun worshipers. If you stay at some resort in Casa de Campo, you are very lucky for sure. This sun-blessed place provides daily boat trips to Isla Catalina. When you cook food on the island, just like Robinson Crusoe did, you will get aesthetic pleasure not only from smelling the cooking seafood but also from admiring colourful houses lost between the exotic trees. If you have time, take a guided tour to see the diversity of a rich ecosystem complete with sand dunes, mangroves, and reefs.


Truly speaking, El Limón is not exactly a beach but wild jungle with a majestic waterfall. Actually, that is why we can’t but mention it in our rating. Cascada, or, as you’ve guessed, the waterfall, impresses even those who have seen it. Water falls down from the height of 42 meters into a cool pool, just calling you to jump in it. Such a bath is refreshing at the hottest time of the day not to mention the cool shade of exuberant luscious green trees and bushes. The route chosen by most tourists looks rather unusual but it is worth travelling. Isn’t it tempting to have a horse ride from the city of El Limón?


If the beach for you means not just sunbathing but plenty of activities under the water, over water and on the water, then Playa Dorada is just what you need! Located on the north coast of the island bordering the Atlantic Ocean, this beach is just ideal for windsurfing. Playa Dorada is literally stuffed with hotels, villas and resorts, which means that you can easily enjoy all the benefits of civilization, including bars and restaurants.


Firstly, you should visit it because it is located in the most exclusive resort of the Dominican Republic, Casa de Campo. Secondly, Minitas Beach is close to the infrastructure (tennis courts, art lessons or riding sessions, and even a sensual dance of bachata). It has everything to make you happy. The sun, the shock dose of vitamin D plus calm water ideal for swimming water: these are the components of the endorphin cocktail. Of course, the main ingredient that makes the resort so famous is the fact that it is loved by celebrities. Jay Zee, Beyonce, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, and Shakira chose Casa de Campo, thereby giving star billing to it.


A part of Cayo Levantado is better known as Bacardi Beach. Soft sun kisses and delicious rum-cocktails bring thoughts about something deeply intimate. We hope you understood the hint. You can stay there alone with the whisper of the surf, the low hanging moon making the beach sand look like liquid silver, and your loved one.


Reckless daredevil and adrenaline hunters, welcome here, to the most unsafe and at the same time one of the most beautiful beaches! Don’t be afraid of the word “unsafe”. This means only that there is no resort infrastructure here. Absolutely no! Eagle Beach, also Bahia de las Aguilas, is on the south-west coast of the Dominican Republic in the Jaragua National Park, and makes a striking contrast to the civilized Playa Dorada and Boca Chica. The underwater life is fantastically colourful and rich so take snorkelling equipment with you and arrange meetings with lobsters and sea stars.


Punta Cana is the premium recreation area, a mecca for lovers of sun and comfort. The names of star business co-owners, Oscar de la Renta and Julio Iglesias, played an important part in the popularity of the resort as these celebrities are not only gifted but have a nose for a successful business. White coral sand, clear turquoise water and a thousand of palm trees swaying in the wind easily explain why there are so many villas, fashionable resorts and two famous beaches on this piece of land. If you decided to visit the Juanillo Beach, you, of course, will not be alone because of a number of hotels around, but still there are not so many outlets and there is a nice beach restaurant. We also love the Playa Bavaro Beach with its warm water, relaxed atmosphere and plenty of water sports.